Acrylic Nail Extensions Kit


Our Acrylic Nail Extensions Kit provides you with everything needed to begin offering this service to paying customers.  The contents of the kit include the following:

  • 100 Assorted Tips
  • Sanitising spray
  • Primer
  • Dehydrator
  • Dappen Dish
  • Acrylic Monomer
  • Pink Acrylic Powder
  • Clear Acrylic powder
  • White Acrylic Powder
  • White Buffer Block
  • Tip Cutters
  • Nail Glue
  • Lint Free Wipes
  • 240/240 File
  • Acrylic Nail Brush
  • Cuticle Pusher


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Acrylic Nail Extensions KitAcrylic Nail Extensions Kit
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