Avoiding Disability Discrimination


Falling within the Equality Act 2010, Disability Discrimination has a very wide application, but when it comes to the workplace, the duty is very much placed on the employer to make reasonable adjustments for both their employees and also job applicants who are disabled.  This is because the concept of ‘reasonable adjustments’ is at the heart of disability discrimination law.  In practical terms, it is also the issue that employers are most likely to come across.

Do employees have to disclose a disability?  At what stage of the employee journey should they do this?  Can you ask about health at interview stage?  Can you refuse somebody a job if they disclose they have poor health?

What about if an employee doesn’t disclose a disability and then bring a claim against you in an Employment Tribunal?  Where do you stand on defending a claim?

This masterclass is comprehensive and will guide you through every scenario using practical examples.  Fun and interactive in nature, attending this masterclass will show you are serious about risk management.


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