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We are your gateway to transformative learning and professional development.  We redefine learning experiences to elevate your expertise and ignite your professional journey.

Whether you are captivated by the artistry of nails, beauty & aesthetics, yearning for leadership and management prowess, honing crucial employability skills, sharing knowledge through adult teaching, or nurturing entrepreneurial dreams in the beauty industry – Trans4m Training is your catalyst for change and we guarantee to transform your skills.

Our courses, carefully curated for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, embody the spirit of transformation.

Join us on this transformative expedition where education meets inspiration, and aspirations evolve into accomplishments.

At Trans4m Training, we don’t just offer courses; we offer a pathway to revolutionise your skills and chart a course towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

If you want to read about how fabulous we think we are, you can always click on the ABOUT US page and meet the team.

Why Us?

Trans4m Wellbeing Hub

We run a Wellbeing Hub once per month for our local community.  It provides a safe space for those suffering with mental health barriers to come and meet with others who can relate.  Fun activities, workshops, coffee mornings & pamper sessions are available.

Our next Wellbeing Hub is in...

The date for our next Wellbeing Hub will be announced shortly xx

Where to find us:

If you would like to join us for our Wellbeing Hub, register your interest below & select which month you would like to attend

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