Why the Beauty Industry?

The Beauty Industry may just be the career path that you’ve been searching for! With the industry continuing to expand and evolve, there is no doubt that it plays a vital role in people’s lives, significantly impacting their confidence and self-esteem. Recent statistics from the British Beauty Council’s 2023 Value of Beauty Report show that it’s not only an exciting and rewarding industry to work in but also an economically viable one. In the UK, it accounts for an estimated £27 billion and employs 1 in 50 people.

The possibilities are endless within this field, with career paths ranging from working in a spa or salon to being self-employed and everything in between. The earnings potential is also quite impressive! Consider offering sought-after services such as classic lash extensions, with an average cost of £60+ per client, and making nearly £30,000 salary by working just three days a week!

What’s more, people enter the Beauty Industry out of a passion to help others feel good and confident, and what could be better than sharing that passion with your clients? Whether you’re looking for a more flexible job that can provide you with a source of income, or the chance to make others feel great, there’s never been a better time to explore a career in the Beauty Industry. It’s time to turn your passion into a fulfilling career!

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